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Post, Reply & Give Karma Anonymously

Post, Reply & Give Karma Anonymously

Send anonymous messages, anonymously reply to regular ones. Authors can show a usergroup they belong to. Posts with negative Karma are hidden

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Poll & Vote Anonymously

Anonymously poll channels for questions and topics. Votes are anonymous. Polls are real-time generated images

Whitelist Channels

Whitelist Channels

Allow usage of AnonymityBot in specific public or private channels

AnonymityBot for Slack - Example Usage

Flag as Inappropriate

Team members can self-regulate anonymous messages by flagging a message as inappropriate

AnonymityBot for Slack - Example Usage

Whisper Anonymously (Beta)

Allow anyone to post anonymously (whisper) to select private channels. Great for private suggestion boxes, raising concerns and allowing external thoughts in private channels. A secret chat room allows the whisperer and recipients to convene pseudonymously.

AnonymityBot for Slack - Example Usage

Easy Command Line Interface

Use the /anon command to launch AnonymityBot's menu