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Better Polls in Slack

Real-time generated poll images for every new vote!

Polls allow us to sample a group in a specific, usually biased, framing - the topic, options and context. Anonymous polls, where both pollster and voter are anonymous, remove most of the prevailing biases and brings us closer to the truth.

Anonymous Poll in Slack

AnonymityBot allows the creation of visually appealing anonymous polls that are real-time generated images and therefore are easily embeddable in emails, reports and presentations.

How to Poll Anonymously in Slack

First, if you don’t have AnonymityBot installed already, please click Add to Slack at

Bringing the poll creation dialog up can be done with the following:

  1. Typing /anon poll.
  2. Typing /anon and selecting Poll Anonymously.
  3. Using the Poll Anonymously option from Slack’s Shortcuts ⚡.
  4. Clicking on AnonymityBot’s Home and hitting Poll Anonymously.

It looks like this:

Anonymous Poll Input Dialog in Slack

A good rule of thumb for polls is for them to be as short as possible and for this reason we limit the number of options to 5, the length of each option to 40 characters and the topic to 100 characters. For inspiration, the 🎲 Random Poll button generates random topic and options.

Hitting Preview shows a preview of the poll image and if anything needs changing clicking Back brings back the poll creation dialog:

Anonymous Poll Preview in Slack

Comments and Thoughts

We’re constantly striving to improve AnonymityBot and would very much appreciate your feedback. What could be better? Which feature is missing?

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